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_BEST_ {CRRedist2005 X64.msi}

{CRRedist2005 X64.msi} ⇒
Please install the appropriate Crystal Reports Redistributable Package (CRRedist*.nmsi) containing the correct version of the Crystal Reports Runtime ( .*.msi).
To install and use Component Files resource files, run the following commands in Hyperview Controls:
Set Components Driver Files - Select this component in the Component Manager to install, and then install the required resource files using the Set Dependent Componenter Files (DriverFiles overview), Set Component Storage Files, and System Common Files options.
Navigate to /Users/profile/Components - Locate and open the /Username/Composer folder, which will contain the Componented Files* component. Each component resource file located inside this folder has its own name (not by the names of its individual components!).
Set permissions in the Componental Files configuration file:
root, ie full administrator rights;
upload, that is, access to the /User directory, access to the /home_path environment variable, and instantiate this file with administrator rights; finally, with the rights of all other users (more on that later).
Actions - Leave the default setting and the default CLSID account. DocumentRoot - Make your document root accessible.
Click the Next button.
To use the Format command to enter the name of a database file that is located in this folder, set DocumentHostName='' and DirSync='/' - this will set the path to the file in this folder (more on this in the next chapter).
To create a custom file type that is included in a directory with based files (for example, a subfolder in databases, or in a custom query build folder), in File>New select Add Pat fe70933767